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calendar project.

Firstly, the picture. >>

As part of my New Year's resolution, I'm going to make an actual faerie calendar for 2009 (it's gonna take me that long to finish 11 more pictures of this quality). They'll be for sale, either through cafepress or deviantArt or both.

Why am I putting this here?

I'm actually extending an offer to you all. ^^ If you have a child or a friend (can be anywhere between 2 and 17 years old) who you think would make a good faerie/pixie-ish character like the one here, you can send me 2-3 pictures of them as reference and I will consider them for the calendar.

Stuff you need to know!
(please read all of this if you want to submit something!)

- I need good quality pictures. They don't have to be large, but they do have to be crisp, clear-cut images (no fuzzy pictures, no tiny family snapshots, no weird lighting, etc). As an example, here is the image I used as reference for this painting, which I found on Nice lighting, good colors, and that's its original size, so like I said, it doesn't have to be huge!

- You need to own the rights to the pictures. As in, you or your family/friends need to have taken them, they need to be of someone you know / are related to, or someone who has signed a model release form, and you need to give me permission to use them as reference for this calendar, which I will be selling.

- If I pick your images (and hopefully I'll make enough on these calendars to do this!) my goal is to give you a free calendar! So that's 10 potential calendars I'll be giving away for free (since one is this gettyimages girl, and one will be my daughter). If I don't get a lot of sales on this and can't afford it, I'll have a vote for the most popular image, and the most popular will get a free calendar.

- You'll also get a free large .jpeg image of the painting I create with your image. :) This is your chance to get a free fully rendered painting from me!

- This is an ongoing submission process. I don't expect to be done with this calendar until September/October of 2008, so you have at least six months to find, take and give me these pictures. There is no limit to how many I will accept! If you want to submit 50 pictures, please go ahead! Remember the rules above, though, you have to OWN these pictures AND give me the right to use them as reference for sales purposes.

- You can e-mail me the pictures. My e-mail address is Please use the subject "calendar pictures." Also, please include your claim to ownership of the pictures and your permission to use them as reference. :) If I see neither, I will delete the pictures without looking at them.

I think that's it! >> I apologize in advance for cross-posting this to my journal.
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