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Wicked Alchemy

warnings: language
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Oh... I meant to update things when I posted this. Eheh.

WA - the book?
I'm still working toward December as my publish-date, but this might take quite a bit longer, since I'm going back to school and I don't expect to have time to re-do the pages.

That's right, I'm re-drawing all of chapter 1, and some of chapter 2. This will not interrupt my update schedule (I refuse to let it), but it will take me awhile. The new artwork will only be available in the book. I'm also putting two never-before-seen mini-comics in the book (one featuring Alexander, the other I haven't decided yet), as well as a few full-page illustrations that aren't available on the site.

Jack and Enoch will be the next t-shirt. I don't have a tentative date for this run of shirts, I might just go with cafepress since it's easier and I don't have to do a one-time-only thing.

WA will now be updated every Thursday, for as long as I can keep up that schedule. (School might get in the way for a few weeks, but I'll do what I can to update regularly.)
Tags: comics, wicked alchemy
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